The GLST module is an implementation of SMTP Grey Listing, available for the Unix and Windows platforms. GLST is implemented in C and it uses the GDBM database interface to store its metadata. The GLST module can be used in combination with the XMail MTA, using its SMTP pre-data filter capabilities, or with any other existing MTA. When used together with XMail, the caller can rely on the GLST's XMail's spool file parsing capabilities, and the user can avoid to supply parameters on the command line. The GLST executable is very small and fast, when compared to a Perl implementation. Also, it does not impose any requirement on the host running it. To build the GLST binaries, two makefiles are supplied. One for Unix, and one for Windows. To build it on Unix (provided the GDBM library available), simply run:

$ make -f Makefile.unx

Whereas for a Windows build:

C:> nmake -f

The build will produce the GLST binary, together with two utilities to dump and reload a GDBM database file.


The GLST module man page is available: HTML   TXT    PDF

License and Software

GLST is made available through the GNU GPL license together with the complete sources. Please read carefully the license before using the software. Source code is available for Unix and Windows, with Windows binaries also included inside the tarbal. The latest library package is available here:

Version 0.27

Links And Docs

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